August 10, 2022

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Bollinger Newsletter: Secret to Angels' power

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The Angels have a powerful lineup and entered Wednesday tied for the most home runs in the Majors so far this year. But what’s the secret to their power?

Well, it could be the white cowboy hat they’ve been using to celebrate home runs in the dugout this season. Texas native Anthony Rendon was the first to don the cowboy hat after a two-run homer against the Marlins on April 12, and the Angels brought the item to Texas to continue their good luck.

They ended up hitting nine homers in their four-game series against the Rangers and saw memorable celebrations in the dugout from superstars Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, who both wore the cowboy hat after their homers.


Angels manager Joe Maddon likes to keep things loose and is a big fan of their newfound celebration.

“I absolutely love it,” Maddon said. “I want to get future stock in Japan on cowboy hats. We could put Shohei’s number on them and they would go through the roof.”

But it raises the question: Where did the cowboy hat come from? Many pointed to staff assistant Tim Buss, who is otherwise known as the “vice president of stuff” by Maddon. However, Buss tried to deny his involvement, pointing out his baseball-cap size didn’t match the cowboy-hat size. Of course, it could just be a smokescreen from Buss — or Bussy as everyone calls him — as he’s a known jokester.

No matter the origin, Maddon said he could see the Angels wearing different celebration hats in the dugout based on the location of their games. The cowboy hat worked perfectly for their trip to Texas to face the Rangers and Astros, but they could mix it up in the future.

“I think it’s really great and we have other ideas,” Maddon said. “Bussy is on it. Part of it is just getting this stuff. Where do you find these things? But we got things we’re thinking about now. We gotta lighten it up and loosen it up. I love my team. And I want people to know about our team. We have a lot of great individual stories here. And sprinting down here [in the dugout] with the cowboy hat is good stuff.”

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