August 15, 2022

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Mancini, Hyde ejected from finale vs. A's

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OAKLAND — The Orioles have been searching for runs, with just one per game through the first three tilts against the A’s. Knowing that, any baserunners have been vitally important, a hope to spark the struggling offense and pick up the surging pitching staff.

That reality is partly what made the incident — and the subsequent ejections of Trey Mancini and O’s manager Brandon Hyde — in the fourth inning of Thursday afternoon’s series finale at Oakland Coliseum as emotional as it was.

After reaching on an error, recollecting himself by turning his body towards second base — making the slightest of 360 degree hop-steps in that general direction — and walking back to the base along the first-base line, Mancini was called out after A’s catcher Sean Murphy tagged him before stepping on the base.

Mancini immediately took exception to the call from first-base umpire Rob Drake, and Hyde took to the field to intervene. As displeasure continued into the next half-inning, Mancini, who was serving as the designated hitter, was ejected, and then Hyde joined him after going back to the field to continue arguments with Drake.

According to rule 5.09(b)(4) in the MLB rule book, a runner can be tagged out when:

“He is tagged, when the ball is alive, while off his base.

EXCEPTION: A batter-runner cannot be tagged out after overrunning or oversliding first base if he returns immediately to the base.”

What’s more, according to Rule 5.09(b)(11), a runner can be called out if, “he fails to return at once to first base after overrunning or oversliding that base. If he attempts to run to second he is out when tagged. If, after overrunning or oversliding first base he starts toward the dugout, or toward his position, and fails to return to first base at once, he is out, on appeal, when he or the base is tagged.”

Mancini was replaced by Ryan McKenna as the designated hitter. Bench coach Fredi González, who’s been coaching third base this week due to the absence of Tony Mansolino (illness), took over as acting manager.

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