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Superdad catches foul ball — while feeding baby


There have been many, many (many) examples of fans catching a foul ball while holding a baby. But it’s not too often we see a fan feeding their child while making such a catch.

That’s just what happened in Cincinnati on Tuesday night, when a dad with his kid strapped to his chest, bottle in hand, reached up a row with his other hand and came away with a Luis Campusano foul ball, all while taking care of his baby’s most basic need.

The dad and everyone around him were understandably thrilled and impressed — Campusano is the Padres’ No. 3 prospect, after all. That is, everyone but the baby, who had no reaction at all, not even a thank you. Maybe the baby already has a few other foul balls at home. Or maybe dinner was just too good to ignore.

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