February 2, 2023

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'Did he get it?!' See the HR robbery of the season

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“Did he get it?! He did!”

It’s not every day you see an outfielder nearly fall over the fence and still hang on for a catch. But that’s what Rangers center fielder Eli White had to do to make the home run robbery of the season so far in the first inning Monday night against the Rays.

Tampa Bay’s Ji-Man Choi sent what looked like a no-doubter to left-center field, but White had other ideas. He tracked the ball to the fence, timed his leap on the warning track and then took off, his full body clearing the fence to reach over and bring it back.

White had to reach so far over that he stayed perched on the top of the fence for a moment, before coming back to earth and getting the ball back in to the infield.

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